Intermittent Fasting: The complete guide

Hey! This is the second part of last week’s article! Be sure to check it out if you haven’t yet! Simplicity is the core of nutrition I advocate to. Well being and being good-looking is the direct result. No supplements, vitamins, minerals, no junk information.

I’m just a human. I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want.

What I Did

I restricted my feeding window to few hours every day: this is not always possible, due to external factors and events, but I generally eat from 4 – 5 PM till when I go sleeping, at night. If I feel like eating, I will eat something whenever I want, between the eating window.

While you don’t eat, try to get something done.

Activities, writings, whatever you could be interested in. Play you guitar, do whatever the hell you want to do. Just keep moving. Even if you keep your ass glued to a chair, make sure you are doing something. Get things done. Make this time an opportunity to improve yourself and your life.

Move more by walking

There’s no need for weights, bodybuilding trainings, high interval stuff, supplements, anabolic and low fat nutrition. Simply WALK.

Burn the fat, walking. That’s what will give you nice looking abs. A simple walk is the best way to get abs. This is the real truth. If it has worked for me it can work for everybody.

The general idea is to understand if your hunger is just an impulse to stress, or it is real hunger. Make sure you are able to tell this, before you eat something. If you eat too much during a day, you can eat less on the following one. If you are at a special event, you can also eat what you want, the amount of stuff you want to eat. The choice is basically yours.

That is to say: eat whenever you are really hungry.

Eat real meals. Stop eating (too much?) pasta, refined grains and processed foods. Load on vegetable carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Lots of proteins and fats will make you happy, sane and balanced. Lots of vegetables, fruits. Keep your body hydrated with lots of water. No juices, no cola, no diet sodas. Forget about cholesterol, low fat or low carb diets.

Nothing will actually stop you from losing weight because if you live in a fastened state you are always keeping your weight under balance. Moreover, your abs will uncover in a matter of few weeks.

A quick word about artificial junk, flavors, fast foods, fake meats, etc

You can eat and drink junk stuff whenever you want, and that’s OK. But that stuff is really harmful to your body. Artificial stuff is poison for our natural body. So, try to stick to natural alternatives and REAL meals

With intermittent fasting…

You will also be more focused; concentration improves. Creativity will boost tremendously. I have nothing more to tell you about Intermittent fasting except..

Start it NOW!

If you don’t believe me, that’s great, because you should believe your body. I have decided to give IF a try: I listened to my body. I have decided to stick with it because I felt OK with it. If I hadn’t walked this way, I would probably still be wondering if there is a better diet out there!

The best diet you can choose is the one which makes you feel better.

This way of eating respects the way humans have been living.

We’re animals, don’t forget about it. Eating this way is how humanity has been eating for its long existence on this planet. This is how our evolutionary traits are. By eating intermittently we are respecting our nature, instead of destroying it.

This is how we can have the best from our body and mind. This will give full potential to what we really are. Deprogramming, this is what is all about. Discover forgotten eating patterns. In this society we have everything, from the best to the worst stuff we can find around. Be wise on what you choose to feed on.

That’s only a matter of good sense and equilibrium.

I made my choice.

Yours is only up to you.