Aim for more: Life is about living big

If there is no struggle, there is no progress

– Frederick Douglass

I think it is important to step back and analyze our habits and our life, sometimes. It’s natural: we need to recharge our batteries, clear our mind and focus the right way towards what we’re really meant to BE.

To me, personal development, stepping back, reflecting on my life means experimenting, analyzing things on my own, while enjoying life for what it is. Life is the result of how much we’ve been able to evolve and to stretch, to change habits, paradigms, mental patterns during our time. The more we can stretch, the more we grow strong and our consciousness about our lives expands. I love keeping myself on the edge, because when you understand you have nothing to lose, that’s the exact moment in which you understand you have everything you may ever need (even if you don’t realize it at first). You are already perfect, and this is why you’re here, walking and breathing on this planet.

Our reality is made of what we introduce in our lives. That’s what lifestyle development, is all about to me.

  • •.Learning new stuff  

  • •.living differently  

  • •.changing our habits 

  • •.putting down a bad habit to ingrain a good one  

because everything is a byproduct of HOW we let our lives and our deepest selves evolve. In order to create a balance between our physical and mental realities, we need to stretch, discover, wonder about things and try out new things.
Opening our mind to a new, unexpected experience is the first step we have to take.  Then, all you have to do is removing the junk from yourself and your life, while enjoying the present moment. Moreover, in this process, try telling what’s good from what is bad for you.

It takes time to tell what is good from what is bad for us.
Stop looking for easy shortcuts: they lead nowhere.

Don’t settle for what doesn’t make you shiver and smile.

Start living up to your own standards.