Evolving the Lifestyle: Intermittent Fasting and Freedom

1 year of intermittent fasting. And I’m feeling great.

Experimenting lead me to an extension of my fasting period.

I started this amazing 2012 with a 24h fast. Fasting this way, you set yourself free from the pressure of eating. You destroy habits. And this feels good. The result is incredible, because when everyone else is eating, I am getting things done, training, writing, experimenting, studying, reading, meditating or what I feel like doing. I do what I want to do. I just use better my time.

Freedom in lifestyle includes simplicity. When you simplify your eating, you have a saner life. You have time for what’s really important and valuable.

Even if I keep fasting again and again (in different ways) I had a weight gain, probably due to my weekly 3 or 4 archery training sessions.

In fasted mode, I mostly drink fresh water. I increased my intake of raw fruit, decreasing my intake of refined grain products. Extending the fasting period, meditation and its effectiveness are amplified. In addition to this, I’m getting used to:

  • •.greater concentration for longer periods of time 

  • •.higher creativity rates (to create stuff, think, study, etc) 

  • •.higher quality of perceptions (sounds, colors, ability to move) 

  • •.higher resistance to effort 

  • •.Better resistance to insulin peaks 

  • •.More long term thinking (which is good) 

  • •.Clear thinking 

  • •.Improved awareness  

  • •.positive attitude towards life 

  • •.Detachment from outcome  

  • •.Time? irrelevant 

  • •.Carelessness for what does not conform to my own standards