On Information Management in 2012

Experimenting and growing one’s inner character means getting rid of boundaries, limits and goals. Living without goals means waking up in the morning with no fixed plans. You basically do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want.

(Actually I’m not so free, but I’m getting closer to the whole thing). And while everything’s every day more enjoyable, I am happy to see that lots of people is living up to standards similar to mines.

Here, I want to give you an idea of what feels to live without planning. It’s sunday evening and I am thinking about the new post I want to publish on my blog. This is what I do: I enjoy reading amazing information by those bloggers and sites I enjoy following and they immediately suggest an idea I could develop in my new article. Otherwise, when I have nothing to read, I just let my mind do the talk, and the thoughts flow freely without interruptions

Now, today we talk about information management and how to do it correctly. And this time I was inspired by EvBogue. Everett Bogue is an amazing blogger. In one of his last posts, he has asked these questions to every subscriber and I feel like answering the whole list.

It’s important to manage the right information, the right way (Check the download section for my eBook “Life” about it)

This is what I personally want to share with you. Maybe it will make you think; maybe you will just find another ‘method’ to act on the big digital data input we receive each day.

.What information will need to exist next year?

I only want to see useful information. No copy/paste stuff. Just stuff we create and great content to make the most out of our lives.

This means: less time spent looking for information. Highly valuable content could also be free. What we have to pay is the effort someone made to make the information available to us.

.What form will it need to exist in?

 The most incredible information I have ever read is on paper. What is tangible will remain between us. What is tangible belongs to us. We can touch it, smell it, enjoy it in simplicity.

.How long will we need it?

For how much we need it to grow mentally and spiritually.

.How will we pay for it?

I would be happy to pay goods with other goods. I would love to get rid of money. At least, it is right to negotiate information. If you know something I’m interested about, I will share with you something you are interested about and I am experienced in. I would share value with value. If something is low value for us, but is highly valuable for someone else, it is good to share it.

An idea on money:

It is also morally right to pay money for people’s time, instead that for the content. You can study something on your own, but maybe you will not be able to guess correctly: that’s why you need an expert to guide you in the path. The more you price yourself, the more what you have to say is valuable and life-changing.
Obviously, be honest with yourself and with others: if your product sucks, there is no way in which you can make it more appealing in the long term.