The 2 kinds of Productivity

I think we have 2 kinds of productivity: online (digital) and offline (real).

Being productive Online means making automation and virtual reality work for you, in order to create space and time for what’s important in digital life (creating content, connecting with people, sharing valuable information, keeping our inbox clean, keeping our files in order,…).

  • •.Digital productivity is all about deleting files, editing words, graphical user interface, to alter the experience. It is all about your Operative System and the way you set it up.   

Being productive Offline means simplifying the real life to create space and time for what’s important (relationships, studying, feeling better, exercising, meditating, playing an instrument, creating something, editing some text, cooking,…).

  • •.Offline productivity is all about simplifying, decluttering and minimizing distractions. Examples of offline productivity (real life productivity) are frugality, recycling, reusing things to accomplish something with ease. Decluttering one’s bedroom shelves or restructuring a room of the house, to make it better, are excellent examples of being productive in the real world. 

What I learned from Editing

This is an important period for my blogging experience. I gave you my word about editing: It is essential to move forward, to create new things, while making the past available under a different form. What happened is now there, taking up space in both digital or real form. I would say it is therapeutic to renew one’s work to avoid stagnation and stillness.

I learned that creating space for what’s next is as important as living in the now. Editing also taught me that:

  • •.it is important to renew one’s self every now and then.  

  • •.It is important to make order in my blog’s archive.  

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