Thoughts on inner and outer change

There is a time in which all we have to do is living in mindfulness, enjoying that sense of deep calmness we are surrounded by.

When making time for what’s important, we live one of the most amazing experiences our lives can offer: the power of now, living becomes condensed in what’s valuable for us. We just freeze our lives, instant by instant, step by step.

We dilute emotions in a never ending continuum of present experiences. Expression is dilated to fit every single detail with value, positivity and simplicity.

After having worked and evolved for so long now, it feels good to just stop and look back at what we’ve done, the way we’ve gone and the path we have designed behind our backs. The moment is here and now, and you’re living it. We are already there, ready to take our next step to reach what we’re looking for.

Time has come for us to realize our present condition and enjoy it: we can apply this to our computer, to our own desktop environment. We can also apply this to our physical condition. Life can be meaningful even out of little digital stuff. Entertainment can be delightful as well;

The same passion we put into shooting a photograph, we can transfer it to computing in productivity and decluttering our whole life. We can put that same passion in meditating and chilling out. We can translate this energy to written words. We can apply that to healthy eating and intermittent fasting.

Change is easier when you stop stressing about it. Productivity is also easy to reach. If you want, you can already be productive. You can already manage your time a better way. The same goes for your email inbox.

 Experimenting enables us to detach from things we don’t need. We are just left with what’s real, tangible and applicable to our lives. What’s gone will maybe return, or will be completely lost forever. The choice is up to everyone of us.

Let’s start modeling a new life-path for this new week!