The Mental Weight of Digital Data

Data weighs on our mind.

Our thoughts’ processes are on the same dimension as the virtual reality we see: our mind doesn’t know what time or space is. So we write, we create, we share in an endless vortex of creativity, until there’s not so much space left for what’s useful.

Usually, we perceive the weight of our digital life in terms of identity: if we share a video today, that video will remain on the net forever. And, while looking for new methods of self-expression (take Facebook as an example), this video you uploaded will be there for years to come. But…

  • •.What if you don’t like its content anymore?  

  • •.What if it does not represent you anymore?  

  • •.If you’re a different person now, what can you do to keep your digital identity updated with your physical one?  

Our today’s interests may differ from our tomorrow’s interests. What we’ve created will weigh on us, and we’ll feel anchored to a past we are not living anymore. If this weight blocks us from developing our own life, then we must gradually detach from what we’ve done / created in the past.

Detaching from the past is not easy.

When trying to detach, you feel uncertainty, without knowing what’s going to happen: you feel lost, you don’t know what to do. So, the automatic (easiest) reaction is to find yourself in your past, by refuging in it.

  • •.What if you consider living to enjoy the present moment?  

  • •.What if your digital footprint can be edited in every moment?  

Through editing and deletion you reduce data’s digital weight on your mind.

These two processes coexist:

When you edit your digital life, you remove some weight from your mind.
If you delete digital data, you edit your life, allowing yourself to grow.

By editing, you inevitably reduce clutter (both in your mind and in your physical life)

example: I am editing the contents of my blog, so to keep articles easy to read and dense of valuable information.

If you delete, you create space for what’s important, by removing an excess. You also create space for inspiration, wellbeing and creativity.

This mental space is also important for your personality to develop and grow. It is important to have your mind free from worries, so to fill it up with creative, enriching thoughts and inspiration to live your life better.

So, start editing your work today, by removing the excess.
Delete ruthlessly what is outdated.
Delete what does not represent you anymore.
Delete ruthlessly what you are not today.

Update your content to update your life in a new present.