On Editing One’s Work


Editing one’s work is editing one’s life.

This is about editing my own work and what comes with it

This is about creating new material and restyling what’s already been published.

Editing what’s already been published means getting rid of the excess to let just the important things speak.

Editing what’s already here means changing form for a content which can be shared in a better way. Editing brings a better experience, from the writer to the reader, and to the writer again.

Editing enables us to inflate the emotional charge of our material. As in changing a little habit, we need to edit some portion of our already published material to better adapt to the publishing environment we’re living in. I’ve noticed that when I edit my work, the experience is better for me, and richer for you, my reader.

Editing is experimenting with one’s ability to reinvent the self.

I’m doing this, step by step. I’ve already edited my Biography, Events and Contact page. I have also started to reinvent myself becase I need to. It’s something vital I think. When things become stagnant, we need to move on, to evolve on a better and more motivating path.

What about you? What have you been editing lately?