All you need to simplify your digital life is a netbook

During the summer I’ve been deleting my digital clutter and downsizing my computing necessities to just a netbook. As they say, drastic changes make big differences: this experience made me realize that all you need to simplify your digital life is a netbook.

Let’s talk for a moment about simplifying the user experience. The most important aspect of user experience is ease of use and interaction. This also means we have to keep our digital world organized and the possibility to enjoy the full potential of our machine.That is why here is a list of fancy  ways in which you can put your netbook to good use!

 You could..

 Make it your primary PC.

Switching from a desktop to a netbook as your primary computer can be painful, especially if you’re a lover of the large screen and dual monitor workspaces or just hate the small-sized keyboards you normally find on netbooks or notebooks.

Smaller screen means less windows open at the same time: it reduce distractions!

 Your own eBook reader!

Just like an eReader, your netbook or notebook are easy to carry around.

Independently from your OS, just rotate your ebooks’ pages to properly fit the screen. If you’re running Linux, you can set the view mode with CTRL+Left/Right button. Then, go in presentation mode with F5 and you’re good to go.

Remember to read with proper daylight exposure (during a class, sitting at the park..), because the LCD brightness can cause some strain to your eyes if you’re not used to it.

Kitchen TV streaming, social computing

Nowadays, computers can stream lots of television and satellite channels. All you need to access a TV streaming from your PC is a connection. You can turn your PC into a television to enjoy your favorite shows (this will also make you  save up space and.. money!)

 College / university note-taking and writing activities

Use your netbook as a notetaking device! Plus, you can digitize your documents, to have your important things always with you. You can also rewrite and revise the notes you took during the lesson, so you get some work done!

 Home and Social Entertainment

“more with less” also applies to your home entertainment setup. You can watch your favorite movies, videos, streaming or whatever connecting your netbook or PC to a projector, to enjoy the high definition of the modern life. Here you find also a guide to Declutter Every byte of your Digital Life that will explain you HOW you can declutter all of your digital-media-clutter (in case you have some).

Online Forex and home banking computer

You can also use your PC to earn, invest, manage and double your money


Yup, the disco can be the perfect place for your netbook too. Plus, you can manage all of your sounds, lighting and mixers’ settings. Get ready to party!

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