The Workspace for The Best Productivity

These are my goals for this month:
  • I will be less connected to the internet.  

  • I will meditate every single day (or  

  • I will otherwise read interesting/inspiring stuff when I don’t feel like meditating 

  • I will find some time to study every single day 

  • I will keep my email inbox clear 

  • I will check for new messages and email twice a day 

  • I will keep my digital life decluttered and organised by selecting wisely the files I keep on my hard drive. 

To accomplish these goals I will also need a proper workspace to study and write/work on: A plain surface with no gadgets is the best thing I can ever have.  Moreover, what is the essential stuff I need to study, write, read and do what I want to do?

  • My netbook, to surf the web and write the stuff for the blog 

  • If I must write, I will prefer having a TXT or HTML file to write on. 

  • a light to study, read or work at night 

This was my case, but you can have other needs, so make sure you are aware of your priorities. If you’re a student, you could also consider

  • buying a filing cabinet to store all of your class notes 

  • using a scanner to digitalize your handwritten notes so that you can re-use (maybe) your paper or just trash it if it is creating clutter 

Again, choose wisely what you put on your workspace. So that you leave clutter away from your mind and you can find peace and relax while also enjoying what you are doing. Naturally I have pens, pencils and every other specific tool I need to do the work but actually I keep everything in a separate place, out of sight, so to avoid every possible distraction.

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