Declutter every byte of your Digital Life – Part 1

Let’s face it: it is humanly impossible to enjoy every single file you could find on the web (be it an audio, a free movie or just a simple document). So, let’s save up some space on our hard drive and our computers. We also need some time away from our PC. With that said, why have more to enjoy less? Here are some ideas about how to have less and enjoy more.

First, ask yourself: “do I really need this?”

Simplifying and decluttering are human methods to cope with complication and stress. In a sense, simplifying is part of our lives. It improves our lives and makes us happier, more creative and willing to explore the world from a variety of viewpoints, to fully appreciate the essence of life.

Simplification can happen in an operative system as well as in real life, in a social network or in our minds as well.

All we need to simplify is the delete button of our keyboard.

Idea n.1 – Instead of planning a moment to do something, just do it.

How do we tell what needs to be removed from what must remain? Asking ourselves the following questions:

  • How and why is this file important to me? 

  • Why do I keep this? 

  • Do I usually use / play / listen to this? 

  • Can I always enjoy this song / eBook / movie even if I delete this file? 

Basing on your answers, you know what you have to do. Just do it.

Clutter may be a result of many duplicate files: maybe you have a document laying around on your hard drive that contains the same information which could be contained in other 5 different files. In this case, you can always find programs that find and delete duplicates in your hard disk.

What are your needs?
How much storage space do you REALLY NEED for your files?
How many things can you always find online, in every moment of the day?

a practical example with music:
If you have some songs and you only like 10 out of 100, well, you know what to do! You can free that space immediately.

When you reach lots of free space on your Hard Disk
Now I always have 80% of my disk available. If I find something I want to delete, I simply ask myself: “do I really need this?” The answer is always “no” as you could imagine. “What if.. I lose all of these files? Could I live without them?” “Absolutely!”

In conclusion, make sure you only keep those files that are important and really meaningful to you. Apart important documents and password files, I guess you can delete a lot of stuff. Right?

So, start decluttering now. You won’t regret it.

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