Decluttering Your Digital Life: a Digital Filing System

So, here I am, tidying up my digital life. What a mess…

The point is, I need less stuff in my life. Thanks to Leo Babauta, I’m finding a way out of the digital mess I’m in.

This is what I’ve done: I deleted…

  • some old web accounts 

  • some documents I created and never used 

  • useless junk that was taking up significant space in my HD and in my head. 

I also created a simple digital filing system to keep my files sorted:

1) Create 4 folders
2) Call them inbox, read, work, archive.
3) You put your files in these 4 folders.
4) Make sure at the end of the day inbox and read folders are clean / empty.
5) Put your files in archive if you want to keep them.
6) If there’s something you are working on, put in work folder.

that’s it. now, go getting things done!

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